Marketing Challenges

One of the fundamental marketing challenges faced by bath and kitchen remodelers is knowing where to start with their online lead generation efforts. Most kitchen remodeling business owners have a hard time determining what digital marketing strategies present the best use of time, energy, and hard-earned dollars for their unique marketing needs. This is where we come in.

We don’t work with every business, only kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors, and even then, only one company per major metro area, so that we never have a conflict of interest between clients.  When you choose to work with us, you know you will be working with an agency who understands that Kitchen Remodeling companies face unique challenges when it comes to marketing and sales online due to the cost of their services

Due to our industry knowledge, we have specific action steps that we will take with you which we know will get your business found online, get your website noticed by home owners and get you qualified leads for your high ticket projects.

Perhaps the most important reason to choose use is for what we don’t do. Many digital marketing agencies get ideas from other industries, like a dental practice, restaurants and others that have nothing to do with home renovation work. Remodeling a home, kitchen or bathroom is a major investment so people will spend more time and effort in the research and planning stages before they are ready to buy

Internet Marketing Guide for Home Renovation Contractors

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