Case Study of Home Improvement Contractor


When you choose a digital marketing agency to promote your kitche home improvement company, you want to know that you are partnering with an agency who has experience working with home improvement contractors. Regrettably, these days, many people with little to no experience working as an internet marketer have classified themselves as an “SEO Expert”.  Unfortunately, this is more than a stretch. Designing websites and getting them to rank on Google is a complex process and it takes a lot more than a few simple tricks that you learn watching  YouTube videos to get and keep a local service-oriented company the results it needs to drive sales.

So how can you differentiate a reliable SEO company from a guy working out of his mother’s basement with no real-world experience? Well, all you must do is ask for evidence. An exceptional internet marketing company should be able to show you the results they are getting for other home improvement contractors who have had great success using their services. On this page, we show you not only websites we have designed from scratch, but actual results from our clients who provide home renovation services just like you. We have been able to get them ranked and generated leads on major search engines like Google and Bing for several their most important keywords in their local markets.

CGC Used the Internet to Generate  Increased Sales

Chris from CGC Home Improvement asked us to step in to help his company increase its presence on Google and social media.  Prior to our engagement, his only digital marketing came from paying thousands of dollars a month to homeadvisor.com and he was just buying leads that often were more than 50 miles away.

Chris asked us to help create a sustainable online marketing effort. We accomplished this through rebranding his company with a new logo, designed a brand new logo, launched an updated website, and optimized his web presence for organic search and conversions through content development, social media marketing and cleaning up his inconsistent citations.

After a very short time, the new company website we created moved to the first page of Bing and Google for his most important local southern New Hampshire home improvement keywords. In addition, the business experienced a remarkable increase in the number of email and phone calls requesting quotes on remodeling and home renovation jobs.  Chris was so happy, he provided a verified review on our Facebook business page.

Thank you Michael for your hard work and dedication to helping us with marketing our business. Great customer service and very knowledgeable on proper marketing avenues!! We will be recommending your services to others!!
Chris Gaieski

Owner, CGC Home Improvement