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We work exclusively with home renovation contractors to help them market their services in the local area through digital media marketing. What makes us truly unique as opposed to a general web designer or social media marketing company that offers piece mail services is that we offer a comprehensive package that generates actual results, because our service offerings is structured in a way that generates tangible measurable return on investment, so you can see your sales increase because of our efforts month in and month out.

We concentrate on clean and engaging website designs. We increase your social media presence using ads on Facebook and Instagram with organic search engine optimization. That means when customers use Google to search for kitchen or bathroom remodelers in your area, your name will come up on the first page and on Google Maps.

Remodeling jobs are big, and good leads are hard to come by. That’s where we shine. We’ll get you those additional 2 – 3 projects each month that your competitors have been getting. You’ll immediately see a return on your money and a step up to the next level that was not possible before.

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A word from our founder

Why we do what we do.

Mike Goldstein

Welcome to Kitchen Remodeling SEO. If you are looking for ideas and strategies to grow your bath and kitchen remodeling business, you have come to the right place!

We specialize in working with home renovation business owners and kitchen remodeling contractors, to help them increase revenues and take their business to the next level. We do this by effectively marketing online via Search Engine Optimization, Bing and Google Map Optimization, Facebook and other digital marketing tools.

Let me take a moment to tell you a little about our digital marketing agency for kitchen and bathroom contractors.  After working with dozens of small and local businesses in many different industries, we decided to shift our focus and serve only one market so that we could provide top-notch results while continuing to scale and grow as a business.

The problem is that most SEO and web design companies serve as “Jack of all trades and master of none“.   They may work on an Italian restaurant’s sale of online gift cards, a cleaning company’s new website, a landscaping business’ local SEO campaign, and then a real estate firm’s lead generation through Facebook ads and many other dissimilar clients all looking for different things.  Just think if your home renovation company choose to work as electricians one day, a plumber the next and a flooring installer the day after.   You would never be able to scale or provide expert advice to any one customer.  I am sure you, as we did, realized this was not the way to operate.

We took a look at our passions and which industries we really enjoyed working with and then dedicated ourselves to learning everything we could about just the kitchen  and bath remodeling industries.  We talk to vendors who supply high-end stoves, refrigerators, counters, etc.,  We go to local trade shows and learn about what is hot right now.  All this, so that we can serve our clients better than all the other guys who will take on anyone with a checking account or credit card.  We only take on contractors in this niche industry and even then, to avoid conflicts of interest, we only work with one (1) company in each local market.   By doing this, we never work with our client’s competition.

I want to invite you to meet with me or one of our kitchen and bath remodel marketing consultants so that we can point you in the right direction. We won’t harass you or hard-sell you on anything, in fact we’re the complete opposite from all the annoying salespeople out there.

Schedule a call now, if you’d like to learn how this whole internet marketing world applies to you and your kitchen remodeling company or to schedule a call with me or my team today.

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We work exclusively with kitchen remodeling Contractors.
Only ONE remodeling contractor per territory.
We are SEO experts and Google Analytics Certified.

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